Being in the Court may not be a pleasant experience sometimes. Whether you are in the Court as a Claimant or a Defendant, we certainly will be able to offer our assistance.

Depending on your circumstances and the material facts of the Claim, we shall be able to advice which would be the most suitable Court for your claim to start or to defend. In any event, we have our own Litigation Team together with expert Counsels.

Most of our clients instruct us to recover or represent them in money suits. It could be a small claim issue or may be a matter which needs to be dealt at the Fast Track or at Multi Track by the different levels of Courts.  Up to £5000.00, remedies could be sought in the Small Claims Court, which is normally a County Court. An amount involving more than £5000.00, and up to £15,000.00, can be heard at the County Court First Track level. Claims more than £15,000.00 will be dealt by either the County Court or at the High Court in Multi Track level. In any event, you are required to pay the Court Fees.

We also represent clients at the Court to defend the Repossession Proceedings by the Lender. Given the present financial climate, repossession proceedings by the Lender have notably increased.