Landload & Tenants

We have successfully represented various landlords in residential sectors to evict their tenants who have fallen into rent arrears. It may be the Tenant’s personal circumstances which force him to not pay rent to a landlord, but sadly this fact does not help a landlord to keep up with his mortgage payments.

We have noticed that few tenants deliberately stop paying rent to facilitate them in the housing market.  This will, eventually, trigger the possession proceeding by the Landlord and the if the possession claim is successful, the Court normally issues the eviction order. With the eviction order, the Local Authority is under an obligation to remove the Tenant from the house.

It is vital for every landlord that the rent deposit should be kept in a separate Rent Deposit Account and the certificate of the same must be served on the Tenant. The valid Notice is another important issue and the notice period must be complied by the serving Landlord.  The tenancy may be in the form of Assured Shorthold Tenancy which is the most common. But the tenancy may also be a Periodic Tenancy or Statutory Tenancy, where the tenancy agreement expires. In both events, the Notice Period is crucial.